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Search Engine Optimization - SEO Services

SEO is a process of increasing traffic or the number of visitors to a web site by increasing its ranking on major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN. Search Engine Optimization or best SEO services are based on best SEO solutions toward the purpose. Website Optimization is generally done after an extensive analysis of a website.

What We Offer

Success Codes is a professional SEO services company helping customers to increase their internet sales and brand visibility. A leading organization in this industry with result based optimization and marketing solutions for any web based project, targeting any market or any specific area of interest. Our wide range of Search Engine Optimization solutions help any online business to accelerate in its domain and to get high Search Engine Rankings, Top Organic Visits, High Search Traffic, Long Tail SEO Results and high return on investment.

Our services are based on a number of times tested as well as up to date practices of our professional SEO services towards the purpose. This is generally done on the basis of an extensive analysis of a website. Our SEO techniques are intended to produce long lasting results which gives complete satisfaction to our customers about our work methodology. We are proud that we have served a wide variety of businesses for different clients from around the globe. We have worked on different projects including Social Networks, Product based websites, Service Providers and many more with our Best SEO Services.

Overview of SEO Process

Create Baseline
Analyze search engine positioning before submitting all url’s of the website via sitemap.xml.

Pre Optimization Report
Analysis of project on all major portions of on-page optimization and check out the deficiencies that require remold or complete change.
Pre Marketing Report
Analysis of project on all key areas of off-page optimization/marketing and check which specific portion has been attained and what is left.
SEO Process

Keyword Research, Analysis and Finalization

Analyze popular keywords for the project. Basic keywords will be of that particular business.

Meta tags and Keywords

Create wide Meta tags according to requirement and specifications of different search engines and directories.

Improvement in Internal Linking & Navigation Structure

Internal linking of site wise pages is important to create a solid navigational structure and to apply ATL attributes.

Optimize Existing pages for Search Engines (Site Re-engineering)

Site re-engineering to optimize the entire site with site content/navigation and with appropriate keyword weight, density and prominence.

New Content and Meta Tags

New keyword rich content and Tags have to be implemented.

ALT Tags

Alt Tags are required to be placed on both Image and URL Alts because of on-page factor.

RSS (If required)

RSS of pages will be created so that user can add it as a bookmark.